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On Tuesday Kickstarter allowed for the first projects from Danish companies featured in Danish Kroner. In this blogpost HeartReacher and the Danish Crowdfunding Association is taking the pulse on the Danish trends.
There are currently 16 Danish projects online. However, Rest – The World´s most compact foldable seat by Mono+Mono a Copenhagen based design company is stealing attention from the other projects. In 3 days the company has managed to raise DKK150,000 from 684. The campaign is currently at 33% of its DKK450,000 funding goal. We hope that we have a Danish homerun and are eager to see how the campaign will evolve with 37 days to go.
In the product design / kitchen fashion category we find “Bake On tea towels” by Gojal Krogsgaard. Bake On is a collection of screen printed, baking tea towels on which are featured step-by-step recipes. The project is currently at DKK16,502 which 44% of the funding goal of DKK37,500. Defintely a must-have towel for all trendy baking savvy people.
Our final feature is Disgusting monster prints by Tor Fruergaard who has found a niche in the print market. Tor has funded 68% of his DKK7,000 funding goal and it looks like the current 19 backers can look forward to receiving printed monsters in the mailbox really soon! We recommend all monster fans to go and support Tor´s initiative and Kickstarter campaign.
Go and check the out the other Danish projects at Kickstarter.
Good luck to all of you!

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